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Sifnos Island

Cyclades Greece

Sifnos combines the authentic Cycladic charm with its special identity. It is an island worth knowing. The Sifnos tour is filled with pleasant surprises and satisfies all interests. You will see archaeological sites that reveal aspects of the long history of the island. You will visit churches and monasteries, will fill your eyes with green landscapes and mountainous volumes. You will swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy the endless golden sandy beaches of the Aegean Sea.

This special Cycladic island, Sifnos, is part of the Southwest Cyclades and is located between Serifos, Kimolos and Paros.
Tour the island and experience all its hidden beauties. Each village has a special history depicted in the old mansions and the hospitable faces of its inhabitants. Special characteristic of the Siphonians is their faith and respect for the traditions. There are many churches and chapels on the island. Throughout the year, traditional festivals are organized, where food is usually served (usually chickpea soup – revitade – ) followed by a traditional feast with violins and dances. If your holiday coincides with a holiday it is worth attending such a festivity. Like Prophet Elias, Saint Panteleimon, Panagia, Stavros, Agios Nikitas, Taxiarchis etc